Having an estate plan in place is one of the most fundamental steps an individual or family can take to ensuring peace of mind and an orderly disbursement of assets should catastrophe strike. A common misconception, which reflects the statistics reported by the AARP, is that crafting an estate plan is something that can be postponed until an individual nears the end of life.

The reality is that anyone above the age of 18 has an estate and therefore should begin taking steps to craft an estate plan. This holds especially true if an individual is married, has children, owns any assets such as a home or car, or has any particular wishes for their property upon their death. An unpleasant reality of life is that disaster can strike at any moment. In such a case, an estate plans provides direction to your loved ones regarding who you wish to inherit your property, who can make decisions on your behalf in the event you are unable to, and prevents infighting amongst potential heirs who will all have their own opinions about what your wishes may have been.

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